The Best Free Web Hosting Services

Free hosting

Today social networks have gone beyond their scope of merely reconnecting people with family or old friends. There are many social networks that are now allowing their guests to host their pages through their website. Although this may be a trend that is gaining more attention today, still nothing beats the old way of having your website hosted through a free hosting service. Although these web hosting companies are offering their services and their Internet space up for free, there are many that will still give you the freedom to customize your website and even build everything from scratch, just … Continue reading

How To Choose A Domain Name


The Internet is filled with countless web sites on a wide range of topics.  No matter what you can think of there is a web site for it.  Every web site has to have a name associated with it.  This is known as the domain name.  A domain name is something like,, and many more.  Domain names come with .com, .net, .org and many more.  But what one do you want and how do you choose what domain is right for what you are doing? CHOOSING YOUR EXTENSION .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .TV .WHAT IN THE WORLD… … Continue reading

How To Protect Your Content On the Web


Content is king on the Internet and those who have the best most reliable content will rule the net. The problem is a lot of people don’t want to create or pay for that content to be created. So what will they do? Well they will steal it of course. These people are known as pirates or digital thieves. They spend their time scrapping web sites for information that they can use to make money or manipulate the web for their own purposes.  Now using these tools for research is great and saves time. The problem comes in when people use the content … Continue reading

Isaac Asimov’s Predictions For 2014

Isaac Asimov

Since the beginning of time people have been making predictions about the future.  You can see those predictions in books, movies and television.  But as the years pass and technology seems to be overtaking the human mind I wanted to take a look back at one person’s predictions for 2014 and see how close he was to getting it right. I want to take you on a journey through the August 16th 1964 predictions of the 2014 world fair seen through the eyes of Isaac Asimov In 1964 Isaac Asimov went to the New York World’s Fair titled at the … Continue reading

A Brief Introduction To Making Your Website Load Faster For Your Visitors

Fast Website

The Internet is a huge virtual environment and as such there is a lot of people putting up blogs, social posts and of course websites. A website is a virtual real estate where you can do anything from talk about your cat fluffy to selling the hottest product and service that will revolutionize the way we live. One issue people have when it comes to websites is the time it takes to load. If you visit a site on multiple occasions the site will be cached in your browser. What caching is, is your web browser downloading a copy of … Continue reading